Welcome to General Aviation at CFB Greenwood

Flight Training Meeting

Express your interest in flight training and aircraft rental.  Come to VPI Building on Ward Road Greenwood, NS (Blue building on north side of Ward Road).  Its just before the Military Aviation Museum and main entrance to 14 Wing Greenwood.  Meet the instructors to ask questions or sign up.   VPI Building, Ward Road, Greenwood at 7pm on Tuesday 27th of September


You can also email your expression of interest to pauleasson@hotmail.com

We will need;

  • Name
  • Email address

Indicate the services you are interested in;

  • I want to rent a Cessna 172
  • I want to enroll in private pilot training
  • I want to enroll in commercial pilot training
  • I want to upgrade my existing pilot license
  • I want pilot recurrent training

News of Operations

Date: August 15

Several aircraft have cleared customs via Canpass at CYZX Monday through Friday 8am through 5pm so that is working fine

Tom Goddard has arranged for a four person life raft to be stored at our site and made available for rental should you be planning a water crossing.  Rates and sign out procedures will be forth coming.

We assisted Province of NS helicopters again, with Jet A fuel, in a second forest fire.    

Fuel sales are now at 9020 litres and we will soon be ready for our third purchase of fuel.  Thanks to Waterville Airport Cooperative again for their funding of our fuel inventory.  Remember we are not charging landing fees to visiting aircraft under 2000 kgs gross weight and plan to cover these costs from the profit on fuel sales.  If you are able to purchase fuel from our pump please do.

Walter Isenor has agreed to organize our first fly in and dates will come soon for that.

Eric Sawler is discussing, with Truro Flying Club, the provision of flight training and aircraft rental at CYZX.  This could happen in September but nothing for sure as of today.   Anyone wanting training should let us know as I believe as soon as there are 6 or more students a ground school will begin.

Hanger plans and final lease agreement remain with 14 Wing for final approval prior to starting construction.  Time is getting very short for our planned 2016 completion.

The aluminum gate supports are under construction and will be installed  Aug 22. Gate controls have been installed at the tower and configuration of the controls is underway. Tentative date for all to be completed Sept 02.

Concept of Design - Hangers

Below is a conceptual drawing of what is proposed for Greenwood.  It shows our ramp, fueling system, hangers and the office/ reception on front of hanger 1.  For more images go to Project Page

Two Hangers will each have 3 bays that are 60 x 50 feet with doors (50 foot wide) opening to the area between hangers. Aircraft would taxi out the 65 foot space between hangers to the ramp.  The ramp is about 2 acres so lots of room out there.  This will fully utilize the south portion of our ramp.

The T hanger option was about the same cost per aircraft as putting two aircraft in the above bay.  The above bays will handle from 2 to 4 single engine aircraft and have the flexibility to hold larger aircraft.  They also have the flexibility to price differently for varying sizes of aircraft.  For these reasons we are not pursuing the T Hanger option at this time.  However the T hanger option for 8 aircraft would fit nicely on the west end of our ramp if demand supported it and funds were available.

It is estimate that we are $100,000 to $200,000 short of funds to complete the above.  We will look for additional sources of funds or delete one hanger bay to come in budget.

There will be a general information meeting to discuss these plans over the next two or three weeks.